Tree of life man of death


Pollution and smog in our cities and the world. Human inconsideration and negligence causes nature’s   disappearance.

Trees: oxygen, fruitage, life-trapped in cities. Human actions kill nature, alienated from the unity with her, humans indirectly destroy themselves.

Materialism- taking without giving (cutting forests without planting them, destroying parks to build walls…). Desire for profit makes humans ruthless to life. Instead of nourishing nature’s abundance given, they play God, artificially making substitutes with vicious consequences.

Chakras: life’s energy, oneness-if the nature is sick, so is humanity. Humanity’s legacy-concrete, illness, famine, death-humans were supposed to be keepers. Wake up!

FREEDOM WITHIN LIMITATIONS (Nelisa Baždar, Marija Ličina and Ira Skopljak)

We used natural and artificial materials. The construction is made of wooden boards (wood to tree) branches are real   (taken from nature), which proves we can’t do without her.

Wired branches represent death of the tree and it’s unselfishly given fruits, demonstrating the graveness (seriousness) of our negligence, turning a living tree into concrete, dead one bleeding out tar.

Tree confirmed indoors shows nature trapped among concrete blocks, walls, asphalt, leaving just enough space to let it slowly dye (mercifully, isn’t it?)

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