“Caring for the state of the soul”
Nelisa Baždar’s artistic creation is a creative process that in all its complex creativity cannot be so easily explained by all its heterogeneity in material and production techniques, while on the other hand it exudes a unique clarity and that is her pure emotion and care for state of mind.
That duality of hers is simply astounding. She does not hesitate to keep up with the artistic creation of today’s generation, she lives in this moment and grabs with it – with her soul everything that the eye sees and transcends into a new and completely fresh matter called a work of art. Material as material is now completely irrelevant, it is only there to capture emotion, it doesn’t matter if it will use music and the body through performance and further through video, classic graphic printing, one of the installations or three-dimensional art paintings… but this is not the end, the artist almost all the time still plays with us as subjects of visual perception, cunningly, leaving us in an eternal enigma, and therefore in this observation we must deal not only with her emotion but also with hidden symbolism, elements of psychology and philosophies that she so subtly and wisely hides with every centimeter of her creation.
MA Adina Kero

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