Sito& Resheto – Wearable Art

Original Artwork turned into unique clothes

“Sito&Resheto” offers woman’s wear designed and tailored from unique printed materials that are being made by printing my paintings/drawings and graphics on various fabrics. The clothing is meant to be worn by all the women who have a best for life and life’s adventures and who are unique and original as the artwork itself. It emphasizes the beauty and the personality of each woman, making her energy radiate even more.

The brand “Sito&Resheto” was created out of love for art and life, because for me those two are inseparable- art is life and life is art- and the desire to merge my ways of expression into one whole which is not only original, but also unique and applicable, fluid and free. And, of course, to share that love with all the amazing women around the world.
A people’s saying “sito i resheto” ( sito – sieve, screen ; resheto- grid, sieve, riddle: meaning to go through a lot) means that a person underwent many experiences on his/her journey to accomplish his/her dream- hence the inspiration for the brand name, since the process of making one piece of clothing is very interesting and comprehensive.
All my life I’m into drawing, painting and graphic, from which I would single out graphic as something I truly enjoy because of it’s complexity and demanding, both mental and physical , but also because it gives me the opportunity to multiply my works- the art of multioriginals. This is the exact thing that makes my artwork available.
The first step was screen printing on paper. Out of that came the idea to print on different types of materials. I chose sublimation printing on fabrics because this modern technique enables the printing of an original artwork without losing it’s original appearance, offers high quality and durability.
I couldn’t stand still until I included yet another great love and creative inspiration of mine into my artwork – dance, that is movement.
The beauty of the moves a human body can make and the beauty and radiance of a woman (who is, in itself, a perfect and unique artwork of nature), combined with my creations and design, truly make up a wonderful and unique story – my art becomes free, flowing, outside frames, galleries , museums, closed spaces. It becomes available, applicable, something that embraces the body and moves with it- into life, into new adventures. I would dare say it represents a certain revolution of visual art – the visual becomes palpable, three-dimensional, living.
Come and dancewear my and your art !

Photography by; Damir Hodžić / Mladen Zeljaja / Nelisa Baždar

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