“All operations are finished, everything is prepared”

“Collaboration of four female artists gave birth to the art installation ‘All operations are finished, everything is prepared’. The articulate the ongoing global problem – COVID-19 pandemic- through the medium of art installation. The irony of the title continues in analogy with the chandelier hanging in the renewed Olympic Museum in Sarajevo. Above our heads is a “chandelier” made out of syringes from which the content, in the colours of the Olympic Games symbol, is coming out – the ground part of the installation is the colored content of the vaccines, dominating the space. By using the five colours of the Olympics the artists point to the excruciating, antihuman, imposed and devastating source of the unity of nations and continents today. The installation sets a hierarchy between the centers of power (the government) and those under this power (the people). The process of acquiring and applying the vaccines is made ironic thus showing the paradox of the situation – the government saves the citizens with vaccines. Through the lens of this Bosnia and Herzegovina pandemic experience we can see the universality of human suffering, the repeated salvation as a way to segregate (colours) under the slogan of freedom, human rights and diversity. The syringes here represent the thorny road to the stars-salvation-for the ordinary citizens, and the other side of the coin – the gift we await from the government”.

Dr. Lamija Neimarlija,

Higher Assistant

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