Participation in the 1st International Triennial of Portrait in Knin- Nelisa Nela Baždar

I am especially pleased to be one of the participants in the 1st international triennial of portraits, which took place in September 2022 in the Knin Museum, which is located in the town of the same name in Knin, in our neighboring country, Croatia. In addition to the fact that the Museum is located in an excellent location, within the walls of the fortress, which offers a wonderful view of the entire region, it can also be an excellent stopover if you choose to spend your summer vacation on one of the beautiful Croatian coasts and bays.

I am especially glad that I was able to send my paintings to the museum, because it is very difficult to send artworks for display from Bosnia and Herzegovina to neighboring countries such as Croatia, Serbia or Montenegro…
Considering the law that has not yet been resolved for our countries regarding the shipment of works of art to our neighboring countries, where it is easier for us to send works for exhibition to China, which is much more geographically distant than to Croatia or Serbia, countries with which we literally border. In the hope that this legal regulation will soon be successfully completed and not to the detriment but to the benefit of artists and the country, I currently have nothing left but to be proud of myself for having this beautiful memory of cooperation with colleagues from Croatia and hope that it will not be the last .

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